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Okinawa Shonen Gurentai


Okinawa has been a constant source of problems with the relocation of U.S. bases, military plane crashes, and assaults and rapes by American soldiers.


I visited the area several times and just vaguely photographed.

One day, while I was driving through the suburbs, I saw a group of bad boys in special attack clothing riding bicycles and weaving between lanes through the streets.

Out of curiosity, I suddenly asked them and took their picture, which led me to find my own perspective on Okinawa for the first time.


After the junior high school graduation ceremony, a group of bad boys and girls gathered, threw flour at each other madly, turned white, and rode their bicycles down the main street of Okinawa.

Even the police were dispatched, they didn’t care, they just kept on riding.


They are Ryukyuan, and many of their ancestors died for Japan and they taught me a part of that history.

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